Statgeek takes political polling, past elections, and data for other projects and gives it a more visual representation using graphs and charts. Statgeek poll charts help you to see how UK politics and UK political polls change, and how Statgeek poll charts add a new dimension to polls and election results. You can get regular updates to the poll charts by RSS, or by following Statgeek via the social media links at the top. If you see something you like, please share it or like it via the links at the bottom of a page, and don’t forget to say Hello at Twitter.

Pie chart example, showing the division of a whole into segments.Area chart example, displaying graphically quantitative data over time.Bubble chart example, where data can be represented by axis and bubble size.Line chart example, showing the fluctuation of quantities over time.Bar chart example; a quick way to compare two or more values.Scatter chart example; used to assess correlation between multiple variables.
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